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Lasting Solutions to Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Brain Fog

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Kaiser Neuromap Institute
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Advanced Neurofeedback 


We design a personalized neurofeedback program to achieve health and growth.

Relax and restore the nervous system.


Kaiser Neuromap Institue

Our neurofeedback treatment is:



Effective for all ages




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The brain is a tool that not only does not take advantage of its full potential but that we fill it with junk information. Brain mapping and neurofeedback have allowed me to cleanse that engine and optimize its potential to the maximum.


The good thing that has been for me the treatment of a technology such as neurofeedback that could perfectly appear in a Discovery Channel program as advances in brain medicine of the future.


The neurofeedback has helped me to feel optimistic and to organize much better my thoughts and therefore my daily activities. !I recommend it!


After my  last session I felt very good. After more than a month with severe anxiety and stress, uncertainty and sadness, I find it a bit weird to finally feel happy and positive. I don't have anxiety or if I have it is almost in an imperceptible level.


This treatment for me was a blessing. I have no panic attacks anymore. I am able to drive my car and take my son out of the house. Before, I was paralyzed without being able to move, especially when it rained. I don´t feel the pressure in my chest or the tachycardia I used to have. My life is another life thanks to this treatment.


After more than 10 years with an eating disorder, I can say today that I am free of rituals and my performance has improved in an incredible way. Thanks to this treatment I finally have a stable relationship and I can go to a restaurant and eat without doing anything to compensate what I ate. The change in my life is amazing. I live grateful.


Last year I did very poorly at school. In spite of trying, I couldn`t get good grades. I felt frustrated and unmotivated. My Mum discovered this treatment and I was with many doubts. Today I can say with certainty that it changed my life. Today I don`t need tutors and my grades have improved. My mood changed and I feel motivated.


Because of an unfortunate event in my life I fell into a terrible depression. I didn`t eat, I didn`t sleep and I had to stop working. I started my treatment by the recommendation of a friend from work. After two weeks I started to feel a big difference in my mood. I have been working for 4 months now, my appetite has returned to normal and I am sleeping 7-8 hours at night after spending the nights without sleeping at all. I feel very good.

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