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Kaiser Beltran

University of Neurofeedback

Module 1: Fundamentals of Neurofeedback and EEG 

  • Week 1: Introduction to Neurofeedback and EEG
    • Overview of brainwaves and their significance
    • Basic principles of neurofeedback training
  • Week 2: Understanding EEG Technology
    • Components of an EEG system
    • Electrode placement and signal acquisition
  • Week 3: Neuroanatomy and Brain Function
    • Basics of brain anatomy and function
    • Correlating brain regions with EEG activity
  • Week 4: Practical Session: Setting Up EEG Systems
    • Hands-on practice with setting up EEG equipment
    • Troubleshooting common issues

Module 2: Applications of Neurofeedback 

  • Week 1: Neurofeedback Protocols
    • Different types of neurofeedback protocols (SMR, DNT, Alpha-Theta, etc.)
    • Tailoring protocols to specific goals and populations
  • Week 2: Neurofeedback for ADHD and Focus Enhancement
    • Understanding ADHD and attention disorders
    • Implementing neurofeedback interventions for focus enhancement
  • Week 3: Neurofeedback for Anxiety and Stress Management
    • Role of neurofeedback in addressing anxiety disorders
    • Techniques for stress reduction using neurofeedback
  • Week 4: Practical Session: Conducting Neurofeedback Sessions
    • Simulated neurofeedback sessions with peers
    • Feedback and guidance from experienced practitioners

Module 3: Advanced Neurofeedback Techniques 

  • Week 1: QEEG Analysis and Interpretation
    • Introduction to quantitative EEG (qEEG)
    • Analyzing EEG data for identifying patterns and abnormalities
  • Week 2: Neurofeedback for Peak Performance
    • Applying neurofeedback for optimizing cognitive and athletic performance
    • Case studies and success stories
  • Week 3: Neurofeedback for Mood Regulation and Depression
    • Using neurofeedback to regulate mood and alleviate depressive symptoms
    • Integrating neurofeedback with other therapeutic approaches
  • Week 4: Practical Session: QEEG Analysis Workshop
    • Hands-on practice with qEEG analysis software
    • Interpretation of EEG patterns and creating personalized protocols

Module 4: Professional Development and Integration (Month 6)

  • Week 1: Ethics and Professional Standards in Neurofeedback
    • Ethical considerations in neurofeedback practice
    • Professional conduct and boundaries
  • Week 2: Building and Managing a Neurofeedback Practice
    • Setting up a private practice or integrating neurofeedback into existing services
    • Marketing strategies and client acquisition
  • Week 3: Case Studies and Practicum
    • Reviewing case studies from participants’ experiences
    • Practicing advanced neurofeedback techniques with supervision
  • Week 4: Final Exam and Certification
    • Comprehensive exam covering course material
    • Certification ceremony and networking opportunity

Throughout the program, there will be opportunities for hands-on practice, interactive discussions, lectures from experts in the field, and continuous mentorship to ensure participants gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in neurofeedback and EEG technology.

Default Network Training

Default Network Training (DNT) identifies and normalizes maladaptive brain habits for conditions resistant to conventional neurofeedback.

This approach has been employed successfully with thousands of individuals since its invention by Dr David Kaiser 15 years ago. DNT is founded on 150 years of neuroscience, psychiatry, and related fields and relies on Kaiser Neuromap, the most sensitive and reliable brainmap software available, as evidenced by validated neuromarkers of trauma, vulnerability to addiction inattention, violent tendencies, self-esteem problems, and many others.

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